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Introducing SW FlipFone and HSVT (HyperSock Voice Technology), Silver Wolf's latest Internet Telephony products!

FlipFone is a fully-functional Windows (3.1/NT/95) telephone application which, using the Internet, allows people to talk to each other anywhere in the world using only their internet connections, their computers, and the software. (Requires a sound card and microphone!)

HSVT is the underlying technology which allows FlipFone to work. Now, you too can incorporate two-way realtime voice technology into your application! HSVT will be available first as a DLL, then as an OCX, and a Delphi VCL control. Silver Wolf will be releasing these over the next few months in stages. The HSVT DLL with FlipFone is a early beta version, and has most, but not all, of the functionality of the released control.

Silver Wolf offers different types of licensing, and pricing structures geared to your individual needs. Single-use individual/noncommercial, educational, internal (noncommercial) corporate, and unlimited licenses are available. Email today for your quote, and be sure to indicate the desired type of license.

This version of FlipFone is free of charge for individual or corporate noncommercial use.

You may download the latest version (1.0B3 as of 3/20/96) of both here. By doing so, you agree to provide Silver Wolf, Inc positive feedback regarding the Beta release, and agree to forward all bug reports and dump files to Silver Wolf, and you also agree that Silver Wolf, Inc and its subsidiaries provide NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER on this software.

Additional release notes, screen shots, known bugs, and a reference guide will be provided here soon. Stay tuned.

Bear in mind that the Beta release has still not been fully qualified with all WinSocks and Multimedia drivers. You should run DRWATSON (Microsoft) or WINSPECTOR (Borland) to capture post-mortem dump information, and forward the files on to us , if you experience any GPFs or other faults.

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