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Silver Wolf Software develops custom and general-use applications and utilities for microcomputers and mainframes.

Currently Available Software from Silver Wolf
Product Description Platform
SW Desktop 1.2b Mac/Win95 - like desktop for Win31x. Long names, drag and drop, right mouse click file attributes, and more. Win31x/95
SW Reconcyl 1.4i Side-by-side comparisons of directories/files. DOS
(Win31x/95/NT coming soon!)
SW Flipfone, Beta Voice over the Internet!
No more long-distance phone charges!
SW Task Manager, Beta Replace Microsoft's Task Manager with something much more useful! Manage your Windows,Tasks, and Modules effectively. Win31x
(Win95/NT versions coming soon!)

Stay tuned for more!

The applications on this page are trialware. We encourage you to download them, try them out at your convenience, and register them if they are of use to you. These are not demo versions! Registration will provide you with the latest version of the application on a floppy disk, an instruction manual, and notification of updates and new utilities available from Silver Wolf Software.

Silver Wolf also provides consulting services which may include custom design, review and programming. Send us a note if you would like to discuss a custom programming project. Silver Wolf Software has also developed software products for the Unisys A Series.

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