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Definition of Trialware and Shareware

Trialware is a special case of shareware. Trialware is time-limited in some way, typically in either the license or the features of the application or both. Silver Wolf applications are trialware, usually in license only, or convenience features, and are never crippled in basic functionality. In this way, you are assured of being able to properly evaluate the application and make an informed purchase decision.

Shareware is software which is freely distributable although not free of charge - if you continue to use it you are required to pay for it. Trialware makes this time limit cleaner and clearer.

The following is the ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals) description of shareware. The ASP provides product review and membership criteria for software authors with the additional protection of the Ombudsman Policy.

Silver Wolf Software is a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP).

Shareware distribution gives users a chance to try software before buying it. If you try a Shareware program and continue using it, you are expected to register. Individual programs differ on details -- some request registration while others require it, some specify a maximum trial period. Upon registration, you get anything from the simple right to continue using the software to an updated program with printed manual.

Copyright laws apply to both Shareware and commercial software, and the copyright holder retains all rights, with a few specific exceptions as stated below. Shareware authors are accomplished programmers, just like the commercial authors, and the programs are of comparable quality. (In both cases, there are good programs and bad ones!) The main difference is in the method of distribution. The author specifically grants the right to copy and distribute the software, either to all and sundry or to a specific group. For example, some authors require written permission before a commercial disk vendor may copy their Shareware.

Shareware is a distribution method, not a type of software. You should find software that suits your needs and pocketbook, whether it's commercial or Shareware. The Shareware system makes fitting your needs easier, because you can try before you buy. And because the overhead is low, prices are low also. Shareware has the ultimate money-back guarantee; if you don't like the product, you don't pay for it.

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