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Silver Wolf Task Manager 1.0 beta 3

August 21, 1996

SW Task Manager manages your Modules, Tasks, and Windows.
Beta versions for Windows 95 and Windows NT will be available soon as well!

The Silver Wolf Task Manager (SWTM) for Windows 3.1x provides a complete Windows/Modules/Task manager for Windows. No need to restart Windows or reboot your system in order to bring down a frozen task, or remove an unused module/DLL from memory! Use it to recover from other applications' errant behaviors. Developers use SWTM to easily obtain detailed information about the running windows, tasks, and modules.

Download SWTM now!

Take a peek at a couple screen shots of SWTM's Window view and of the Module view.
Features include:

  • convenient Windows restart with run-file options (Very useful for changing global environment strings!)
  • ability to launch shell, program manager, any other executable. (Especially useful when ProgMan dies or your shell dies!)
  • information on running tasks including: command line, task handle, parent task handle, module handle, task queue, instance handle, stack top, bottom, min, SS:SP, and the ability to switch to, or kill a task! (Very useful if an application is hung!)
  • information on modules including: file name, handle, number of references in and out, number of indirect references/load library loads, and the ability to switch to, or nuke a module! (Useful to recover memory if orphaned by an application!)
  • system info, including amount of free GDI and User resources

Silver Wolf Task Manager may also be used in place of the Windows default task manager, so that it appears when double-clicking the empty desktop, or upon Ctrl-Esc.

SWTM is presented as a trialware product. Feel free to test it out on your system. After 21 days, you must register your version. Registration includes all minor upgrades! Registration fee is 20$, plus tax (if any) and shipping and handling expenses (if shipping is needed).

Please send feedback about this application to us!

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